Frequently Asked Questions

What is BellyDance-Shop.com Return/Exchange policy and your Terms of Sale?

     Your Belly Dance Costume and all other products comes with a Money Back Guarantee! You can return the costume, for any reason, within 10 days of receiving it, for a full refund. The costume must be unworn, unaltered, and in its original condition. Please notify us of any return, by e-mail or telephone, within the 10 days. You may also exchange your costume for another at no additional shipping charge. Please read all notes on this page and the "ordering" page in regards to sizing of the costume & how to measure yourself. These "Terms of Sale" similarly apply to all of our other products.

What does the back of the belt of BellyDance-Shop.com's belly dance costume look like?

     All of the belly dance costumes costume belts are the same on the back as they are on the front unless we provide the picture of the back of the belt.

How many pieces does BellyDance-Shop.com Belly Dance costume have?

     Most of the belly dance costumes come with 6 pieces--Bra, Belt, Crown, and 2 Wristbands and skirt. Matching skirt is also included to cost.

Where should I measure my hips?

     Measurements of the belt should be taken around your hips, on top of your bum, and below your navel; From hip bone to hip bone around at the widest part of your hips (not your waist!) The belt is designed to "sit" on your hips and bum. If the costume says: "Belt: 33-36", it means that the belt is currently a 36" at the lower hips and can be reduced down to 33" by you or by our seamstress.


Where should I measure the bra?

     Measure the bra UNDER your cups--this is LESS THAN YOUR REGULAR BRA SIZE. The cup size is the same as your regular bra cup size. Measurements of the straps refers to the measurements around your rib cage, so if a costume says: "Bra: 28-33 C", it means it is currently a 33" around your rib cage under your cups and can be reduced down to 28" by you or by our seamstress. As to the cup; if a costume says; Cup "B-DD" that means it is currently a DD but will look perfectly fine on a B, C and D cups as well--our bra cups are bullet cups.


How do I clean and care for my BellyDance-Shop.com's products?

     It is very easy to clean and maintain your costume so it will stay with you for a lifetime; cleaning & care instructions will accompany your purchase (also see more cleaning instructions at the end of this page).


Do you have a printed catalog that can be sent to me in the mail?

     We do not carry a printed catalog because each one of our belly dance costumes is one of a kind.


Is BellyDance-Shop.com's belly dance costume I see, the same costume that I will receive?

     Yes, on most costumes. Also, the size you see, is the exact size you'll receive unless you request alterations.


How often does BellyDance-Shop.com receive new merchandise?

     We receive new costumes and styles every few months, so please bookmark our site and check often.


What is the length of the skirt?

     The 2 panel Turkish skirts are approx. 38-39" long. Remember; paneled dance skirts need to be longer than your average length skirt; these are professional dance skirts designed for dancing and movement. Still, if you are 4'7"- 5' in height, then all skirts can be easily reduced down from above the elastic waistline by a non-seamstress as well.


What are the skirts and veils trimmed with?

     Our skirt and veil sets that are sold with the Cabaret Belly costumes have sequins and beads sewn into the entire trim by hand; still, in some sets the edges of the soft chiffon, are NOT machine overlapped (hemmed) The unfinished overlap can be finished by you by adding even more sequins and beads. We opted to leave the hand sewn design, rather than finish the hems with a fake ribbon or a production line fake sequin strip--we maintain the authenticity above fake production line ribbons. Please note that the beaded trim of the skirt and veil is delicate, and vigorous dancing may need occasional strengthening of the trim.


What do I need to know when buying a Belly Dance costume online?

~~~The weight of the Cabaret Belly Dance costume will determine quality and the amount of work as well as sequins and beads that were put into it. Always ask the weight of your costume before you shop around for your best quality costumes. Bellydance-shop.com's costumes are known for their weight which reflects the heavily beaded work put into the costume.

~~~The sequins' size, origin, shape and colors are also important and we use only the best and most expensive Czech sequins for our Cabaret belly Dance costumes!, nobody else does! Also, 90% of our costumes are iridescent or hollographic (sparkling) for greater shine and intense beauty and are mostly faceted, rather than "Flat", and so their color remains forever and does not fade out like flat sequins do.

~~~No areas on our costumes is left exposed: all areas are covered with sequins (some elaborate and designer costumes may vary)

~~~We do not use paste-ons.


What makes Bellydance-shop.com's Belly Dance costumes special?

~~~BellyDance-Shop.com specifically created a new style in belly dance costumes nearly 16 years ago, which has been adopted and copied across the board as the most visually appealing and possessing the highest quality and comfort; still, only here, you will find the best quality and authenticity of the original style created by her!

~~~First of all, each one of our Turkish Cabaret Belly Dance costumes is edge wired throughout all of the costumes' edges! providing immense versatility to the material and comfort to the dancer; you can fold and even squeeze your costume any which way and it will NOT break or scatter or damage. Our costumes are specifically designed to withstand vigorous professional dancing!

~~~Secondly, every single inch of the Turkish costumes is covered with sequins and beads so no backing will show--only the array of intensely shimmering sequins and beads!

~~~The Turkish Cabaret Belly Dance costume, contains 3 layers of material with a soft insulating mid-material, adding comfort for the dancer and protection for the extensive stitching.

~~~Every sequin is reinforced with 2-3 glass beads on each edge of it, so sequins do not "bump" into each other or scrape each other, and most importantly, stay well reinforced.

~~~Most of our fringe for the cabaret Belly Dance Costumes is made of Czech glass beads

~~~Our Turkish costumes can be gently washed under lukewarm water; sequins and beads included! and the satin lining can be gently scrubbed with soap if it becomes soiled. The satin lining is designed to be stain resistant. You can also gently scrub your sequins gently, with a soft, clean, and wet toothbrush! . Lay to dry. Absolutely DO NOT dry clean your costume! The skirt may be more delicate and if it gets stained, try to focus on the spot alone without washing the entire skirt; use stain removing spotter. Also, do not lay any heavy items on any of your costumes. Do not expose your costume to sunshine for long periods. Your costume is a hand made work of art which took weeks and sometimes months to complete; use common sense when handling it. Sequins and beads on edges can always be re-sewn if they get caught on something when dancing. Crystals and rhinestones can be re-attached if they fell, and replaced if they were lost, by buying them at any bead store. Again, never dry clean any costume! Treat your costume as a museum piece handmade textile which will remain with you for life and increase in value as handiwork is dwindling from the modern world.


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